Common Problems with Properties

Our experience of inspecting properties in the Bay Area has taught us that the same issues come up over and over again.  Among the benefits of having an inspection carried out by a certified company such as Aston Property Inspection, is that you can prevent having to deal with (and pay for!) some of these unexpected problems in the months following your purchase:

  • Improper Surface Grading and/or Poor Drainage

Water penetration of the property is by far the most frequently observed problem, and can be costly to rectify.

  • Roof

Leaking is usually the result of an old or damaged roof surface, or improper installation of the covering.   In is an understandable fact that most property owners are relectant to regularly climb onto the roof to  check the condition, and roofs offen reach an advanced state of deterioration before being replaced.

  • Heating Systems

We regularly encounter broken or malfunctioning controls, blocked chimneys and unsafe exhaust disposal systems.

  • Structural Problems

Problems with foundation walls, floor joists, exterior walls, rafters, girder beams, and headers above doors and windows can seriously affect the structure of a building.  We come accross these issues much more regularly than we would like.

  • Plumbing

We often find the existence of old and incompatible piping materials, as well as faulty fixtures and waste lines.

  • Exterior

Water and air penetration, inadequate caulking and/or weather-stripping are the most common culprits among exterior problems.

  • Electrical Systems

We have found instances of insufficient electrical service to properties or inadequate overload protection, but by far the most common problem with electrical systems is the presence of amateur installed wiring.  This is nearly always improperly installed, and very often it is dangerous.

  • Poor Overall Maintenance

Some property owners are just not interested in taking care of their properties.  This neglect usually manifests as crumbling masonry, rotting siding, makeshift wiring or plumbing and a multitude of other issues.  A poorly maintained property will present a constant need for repairs and refurbishments - make sure you understand the size of the task if you decide to take on a property which requires extensive repairs.




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