I have been investing in commercial and residential real estate within California for over thirteen years.It is rare to find a truly trustworthy and knowledgeable home inspection service who will stand behind their report, operate with high level ethics, and provide personalized follow through to answer questions.Ian recently completed the home inspection for the sale of my legal duplex in Alameda, and his prompt, comprehensive report helped significantly in receiving multiple offers on the property.Buyers were much more willing to strengthen their offers since there were no "hidden issues" and buyers knew exactly what they would be getting.I highly recommend Ian, and I will count on him again for all of my future real estate transactions.

- Catherine C (client, Alameda)


After just completing the inspection of our 1920s era multi-unit apartment building, I can wholeheartedly recommend Inspector Ian.He was very knowledgeable and extremely courteous.Ian took the time to explain what he was finding and was very thorough.His report was well organized and clear.I intend to use him again for my next property purchase.

- James H (client, Oakland)


I'm a real estate investor and Inspector Ian was recommended to me by my real estate broker when I could not get my professional contractor on site for an inspection.With one day's notice Aston was there and the following day I received the most complete inspection report I have seen. Very professional.It was like a "to do" list for getting the property into tip top condition.This is as good as it gets, and for a very reasonable price.I highly recommend this service!

- Ken D (client, Lafayette)


Ian is very thorough, provides insights on issues and helps prioritize the work. Ian explains everything in person and provides a well written Home Inspection report including many photographs. He is always punctual and accommodating to my clients' schedule. I highly recommend Inspector Ian to my clients.

- Aliky Vasdekis (Realtor, Berkeley)


Ian is sharp, professional, reliable and personable, and I have recommended him many times to buyer and seller clients. They have told me over and over again how pleased they are with his work and he is reasonably priced. He does careful inspections and writes excellent reports with a quick turnaround time. What more could you ask?

- Dan Suich (Realtor, Berkeley)


Ian was professional, friendly and informative during his inspection of my new home in the Oakland foothills.  He gave a thorough but understandable in person break down of the issues I should address from most important to less urgent.  But it was his written inspection that knocked my socks off.  I've seen a few inspection reports in my time but none as easy and delightful to read as his.  Yes I said it, delightful.  He takes pictures for every section of the table of contents, whether there be an improvement recommendation or none.  It was an incredibly helpful tool and the most impeccable inspection report I've ever seen.  I highly recommend Inspector Ian!I highly recommend Inspector Ian to my clients.

- Shannon C (client, Oakland Hills)


Wow, Wow, Wow. Next day service scheduling home inspection and creating the most detailed user friendly report.  I cannot say enough about Ian's professionalism.  You rock!

- Cynthia Speers (Realtor, Oakland)


I was very pleased with the inspection service I received from Ian.He was accommodating and able to schedule an appointment within the week and he was punctual with his arrival.He was thorough in his inspection and took the time to explain his findings and recommendations.A comprehensive and professional report was ready by the next day.I would definitely recommend Inspector Ian's services!

- Aimee P (client, San Carlos)


Thank you for the follow up. The inspection you did and the report is detailed and easy to understand. The buyer is very happy about it. Hope we will work together again soon!

- Tony Li (Realtor, San Leandro)


Your inspection was very useful in my having peace of mind during the house purchase. The report that you provided was detailed and extensive, it covered almost all parts of the house. I sincerely appreciate your honesty and ease with which the inspection took place.

- Kannan K (client, Oakley)


Inspector Ian was knowledgeable, fast, and thorough. He explained how much of the house was put together, which helped me tremendously as a first-time home buyer.

- Tony S (client, El Sobrante)


Ian was very professional, extremely accommodating, came on short notice, and provided the report on short turnaround as well (report delivered the next day). I was there at the time of inspection, which I recommend. I learned a lot more about the process and what to look out for on my own. He records everything, down to the minute details. Crawls in every nook and cranny without trepidation. Fun to watch. Also, very accessible for any questions you may have. Originally, we were intent on buying the house, but after the inspection, we found out how much of a money pit it would have been. Save us a lot of money and headache. Worth every penny.

- Brad L (client, San Francisco)


We couldn't be happier with the services we received from Inspector Ian. Ian was completely professional and accommodating with our unusual request. We were not expecting the report so quickly but we received it within a day or so of the inspection. Thank you for being so accommodating and efficient.

- Kary H (client, San Francisco)


Thank you so much for your very detailed report and your excellent service. It was a pleasure meeting you.

- Jenny W (client, Oakland)


Great to meet you! The report was very detailed with great photos and gives me the ability to make the best choice on this property. Thank you!

- John .J (client, Oakland)


I couldn't be happier with the services I get from Inspector Ian: very professional, available at short notice and very quick to turn around the reports.

- Petronia Wade (realtor, Oakland)


In my business I need a professional inspector I can rely on recommend to my clients - Inspector Ian always does a fantastic and professional job and I couldn't be happier with the service.

- Gary Kwan (Realtor, Montclair)


I offer my clients several inspectors, but I always recommend Inspector Ian gets the job done and he gets it done right!

- Kevin Knight (Realtor, Rockridge)


Ian always does a very thorough and professional job and I have no hesitation in recommending him to all my clients.

- Simon Snell (Realtor, Palo Alto)


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